Local community and events

Who are the people of Nyim?

While the majority of the Hungarian locals have been living here for many generations, Nyim has been popular for decades among those who wanted to own a holiday home close to lake Balaton, among them several German couples and families. Some people chose to retire here due to family ties after a long careers abroad, for example in the UK, Sweden, or the Netherlands. More recently, and especially thanks to the eco-village community, we have welcomed several younger English-speaking couples and families, who were attracted by the possibility of a more sustainable lifestyle in a supportive, active community.

Visit our Newsletter page or Facebook album to read interviews with some of our residents.

What local events can you join?

We have a busy calendar of events, and, luckily, an enthusiastic group of volunteer organisers who help make them a success each year. Most of the events are held at our purpose-built community centre, perfect for such get-togethers. Here are just some of the highlights:

Carnival  – According to Hungarian tradition and the Christian calendar of events, February is a time to say good-bye to winter in style, with many celebrations, balls, weddings, big feasts with fatty foods before the quiet time of Lent and Easter. The Hungarian carnival is called Farsang, and if you join us for the day, expect many children (and some groups of daring teenagers or adults) dressed up in fancy DIY costumes, parading in front of judges, competing for prizes. If you are not keen to dress up yourself, you can still win a competition with your home-made mulled wine or doughnuts. In any case, make sure you join in the dancing till dawn!

Pentecost King – Many countries have celebrations following Easter and often in May, celebrating new life, strength, and young people. These days often mark the beginning of many outdoor activities. Pentecost, or Whitsunday is a national holiday in Hungary, and we celebrate it on the village green, just outside the community centre, with a traditional competition to find the strongest young man of the village to be crowned ‘Pentecost King’ (Pünkösdi király) for a year. Children have their own version too, with log-throwing, wheelbarrow-pushing, and other fun activities. The day ends with a big party – Monday is always a bank holiday, so we can all sleep it off.

Village Fete – Originally organised on the days of the protective saints of Christian settlements, village fetes have become a popular event in many European villages, giving communities an opportunity to celebrate the best of what local life has to offer. Our Village Day (Falunap) is held on the last Saturday of July, with many activities, workshops, guest performers and concerts throughout the day, which usually ends with a firework display.

Advent and Christmas – We mark the start of the quiet preparation for Christmas, Advent by lighting a candle and switching on our Christmas lights. Families get together in the community centre to make  honeybread (similar to the well-known gingerbread), and make decorations for our Christmas tree. As Christmas approaches, the children of the village will eagerly wait for Santa Claus (Mikulás) to appear one afternoon, bringing them presents. Adults always enjoy the home-made savoury and sweet treats, offered by locals for the occasion.

As mentioned earlier, these are only a few of our many community events – to find out what is happening next, visit and follow our Facebook page, Nyim Village Life.

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