Businesses and organisations

Although Nyim is a small village, and a significant number of our residents commute to nearby towns and cities for work, we are proud to have a range of local businesses and not-for-profit organisations.

Here are some of them:

Felkelő Nap (Rising Sun) Public Interest Association – Our eco-village community, consisting of mostly young couples and families, working towards establishing a more sustainable lifestyle.

goraGora Fire Gear – Set up and run by an experienced and much sought-after fire juggler, this successful business designs, makes and sells fire gear to many countries worldwide.


lovaskutyas_logoNyimi Lovas- és Kutyás Terápiás (Horse and Dog Therapy) Közhasznú Egyesület – This non-profit organisation offers horse riding lessons for everyone, and horse and dog therapy to those who can benefit from it most.


Nyimi Vadászház (Hunters’ Lodge) – One of the most well-established local businesses whose grounds cover 17 000 hectares and are excellent for deer and wild boar hunting.

Nyimi Zöld Völgy (Green Valley) Szociális Szövetkezet  – An agricultural cooperative set up by the local council to grow and sell vegetables and other agricultural produce to schools and locals at reasonable prices, and to train people in valuable skills.