In case of an EMERGENCY, the central number to ring in Hungary is: 112

emergencyAlternatively, you can call:

104 – Ambulance

105 – Fire brigade

107 – Police

Be sure to know how to say the location where you are at, to help them find you as quickly as possible.


Local health provision:

If you are from an EU member state where you pay national health insurance, make sure you get an EHIC card before your visit. Having this card will make it a lot easier to access most health services.

doctorThe local doctor, (general practitioner) – who speaks some English – is based in the main square of Ságvár, a town 3 kilometres from Nyim, but also visits our village every Tuesday morning.

Address: Ságvár, Petőfi Sándor utca 18. Tel: 0036 84 380 021


Specialist health services are available in the Siófok Hospital, only 13 kilometres away.


vetIf your pet (dog, cat or other) needs medical attention, there is a good veterinary surgery in the Kiliti suburb of Siófok, which is close to us.

Address: Siófok, Honvéd u. 26. Tel: 0036 84 322 400


Local religious establishments:

Most Hungarians are quite secular nowadays, but the majority of those who are religious are Christian. There are two churches offering regular services in our village:

Roman Catholic church – Address: Kossuth Lajos utca

(Calvinist) Reformed church – Address: Fő utca 35. (Main street)


Good to know:

In the centre of the village, there is a small convenience shop and a pub with outdoor seating, overlooking the village green.

There’s also a very good playground where the children of the village like getting together after school or at weekends.

Opposite postthese, the local government building houses not only meeting rooms, but also the local doctor’s consulting room and a small library. It used to have a post office with very limited opening hours, but now the branded, green postal van with its distinctive call picks up your post as it delivers it! The nearest post office with regular opening hours is in the main square of Ságvár, next to the primary school.


Transport links:

If you otransportwn or rent a car:

The road connecting the village to the nearest main road (in Ságvár) and motorway (in Siófok) has been updated recently, so you’ll enjoy a smooth journey.

If you like to ride a bike:

Thanks to generous EU funding, there is now a bicycle track connecting Ságvár to the lakeside town of Siófok. There is a huge variety of bike trips around the Balaton.

If you prefer public transport:

Considering the small number of people living in our dead-end-road, quiet village, we are really lucky to have regular (if infrequent) public transport buses, mainly to Siófok where you can change to other bus, coach, train or boat services.