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Newsletter 2016 March

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Local government news: The Budget has been accepted for 2016

Most importantly, the nursery/kindergarten (ages 3-6 in Hungary) that we run jointly with our neighbours Ságvár and Som, will be developed: there will be a new kitchen, a more up-to-date, efficient heating system, the flooring of the group rooms will be changed, and the walls will be repainted.

We are also glad to see that the number of local children has increased – this means that it has become necessary to add a new group room to the existing facilities.

We have decided that the dates to enroll to the kindergarten (óvoda) will be 2-3 May this year. The summer closure days have been established as 8-31 August.

In other news, we have made the decision to make social care available for free. At the same time, we would like to encourage those who struggle with their daily duties due to ill health or nice advanced age, please let us know so that we can help.

Our local budget is still very much limited and will require very careful management. However, we are keen to carry on with following our goals. Working together with local organisations we are planning further improvements. The local government-funded public maintenance programme will continue, and we are starting a Farmers’ Consultancy service as well.

With friendly greetings: Péter Pistár, mayor of Nyim


Announcement: Survey to improve mobile coverage in the village

Our local government aims to improve mobile network coverage in the village. To do this, we need to report our needs towards mobile networks. This will be carried out via a short survey – please assist one of our staff by filling this in, when they approach you in the coming weeks.

To reach this common goal is in the interest of all of us.

With friendly greetings: Péter Pistár, mayor of Nyim


Call to action:

Please support our work establishing a local history museum collection
If you have early photos, documents, mementos that would be useful, please let the local government know so that we can archive it for the growing collection. Thank you for your support in advance.

Péter Pistár, mayor of Nyim


2016-03-Page2Events: Ball for International Women’s Day, 12 March 2016

– Tickets were sold out early this year
– Live music was provided by the Szaturnusz band
– In his speech, the mayor encouraged all men present to appreciate their chosen female companions on all days of the year, not just today
– There was a folk dance performance by a group based in Siófok-Kiliti
– As it is customary, men served the dinner to their partners, then gave them a small present.

Local services: Come to the Library with me!

– Hungarian and world literature
– Books, encyclopedias, classics for children, teenagers and adults
– Magazine corner
– DVDs to rent for a month or longer
– Computer and internet access
– Free membership
– Located in the local goverment office buidling
– Open Tuesdays, Wednesdays 16:30-19:00, Saturdays 17:00-18:00.

Hope to see you there!


Folk wisdom of the month:

9th March: Whatever the weather is like on this day, it will be so for the whole of March.

10th March: If there is frost on this day, you can count on it being cold for another 40 days.

12th March: Gergely (Gregory’s name day). Gregory melts Mathias’s ice (referring back to the predictions of 24th February). However, of Gregory shakes his beard, the it is going to snow.

18th, 19th, 20th March: Day of Sándor, József, Benedek (Alexander, Joseph and Benedict name days). One of the most well-known folk predictions: ‘Sándor, József, Benedek will bring you warmth in a sac’. It is generally true that these days preceding the spring equinox (21st March) the weather gets significantly warmer.

25th March: Fruit-grafting Day, as traditionally this is the day fruit trees should be grafted. If we can hear frogs on this day, we can expect cold for another 40 days. According to another prediction, if it is cold on this day, winter is over. ‘The cold of Fruit-grafting sees the winter dying’.


2016-03-Page3Local organisations: Introducing the Nyimi Horse- and Dog-Therapy Association

– Aims: to teach about responsible keeping of animals, strengthening human-animal relationships, improving sports abilities and skills

– Activities from spring to autumn: horse-riding for groups of young children, horse-riding lessons on the farm, horse-riding trips in the countryside, show-jumping training. Summer day camps are also organised each year.



2016-03-Page4Invitation to an event: Village Clean-Up Day

Five years ago, a nearby vocational secondary school ‘adopted’ our village. Since that spring in 2011, many students come to paint bus shelters, clear out ditches, chop firewood for the elderly, and do many other tasks. This year they are going to visit us on 16th April. As usual, we hope to see some of our enthusiastic locals joining them in their efforts. Team work, good intention, and the will to act together has always been beneficial to all.
To return the favour, local organisers are planning the customary, abundant lunch, highly expected and appreciated by the participants.


Religious news: Easter and its traditions

Easter is one of the main events in the Christian calendar. According to the Bible, after his crucifixion on Friday, Jesus relived all humans from their sins, and with his resurrection on Monday he conquered death.

Apart from its religious significance, Easter also marks the beginning of spring. In our county of Somogy, many traditions are connected to this event. The custom of sending a ‘Friendly platter’ (komatál) on White Sunday survived for the longest in this region.

A significant symbol of Easter is the decorated Easter egg (hímes tojás), most often decorated using melted wax to draw geometric or floral patters on the eggs, and then soaked in dye made using onion skin. Another way of decorating, popular with shepherds’ families, was scratching the free-form patterns of flowers, peacocks or doves on the pre-coloured surface of eggs. Easter eggs were often gifts from godparents to their godchildren, or were placed in the ‘Friendship Platter’, signifying girls’ friendships.

<More recently, they were given by girls to their ‘sprinklers’ (locsolók): boys coming to visit on Easter Monday to sprinkle unmarried girls with water or cologne – a metaphor of sprinkling flowers, hinting at an ancient fertility rite. >

Reformed Church Service: Easter Sunday, 27th March, 14:00 in the Nyim Reformed Church.

Roman Catholic Mass: Easter Monday, 28 March, 9:00 in the Nyim Catholic Church.